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EMD SD7/SD9 Version 2 Night Cab Enhancement
If you love the sound of a freight train at night, you're not alone. Thanks to MSTS-Bin, you can now realistically operate your CLW SD7/SD9 locomotives from the engineer's seat with both and day and night time views.

What is a night cab view?

The MSTS graphics engine renders cabviews as a series of overlaying bitmap files, instead of true 3D objects (like those visibile in external views). Accordingly, the cabviews do not respond to changes in ambient lighting in the sim, like when the sun goes down or a locomotive enters a tunnel. MSTS-Bin allows a secondary cabview to be installed along with the primary cabview. When using the locomotive's cabview, any time the sun is not "up" or the train enters a tunnel, the secondary cabview is displayed instead of the primary cabview. This allows developers to simulate day and night conditions within a locomotive cab.

What is MSTS-Bin?

MSTS-Bin is third-party patch to Microsoft Train Simulator that addresses some of software challenges that were present in MSTS. It also adds some capabilities to the simulator, such as the ability to switch between control cabs between multiple locomotives in a single train, or to use multiple cabviews from a single locomotive.

Where do I get MSTS-Bin?

MSTS-Bin is available at UKTrainSim. When downloading and installing MSTS-Bin, please be sure to carefully read all the documentation and follow the instructions.

What do I need to use the SD7/SD9 Night Cab?

The cab enhancement requires that MSTS-Bin version 1.7.1022 or later be installed and functioning on your MSTS installation. Once the cab enhancement is installed, it functions automatically.

How do I get the SD7/SD9 Night Cab?

All downloads can be found in the Download Products category of the Support forum. You must be a registered forum user to access the downloads.