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Pennsylvania Railroad H31 55-ton Open Hopper Set
In the early 1942, the Pennsylvania Railroad embarked on a car-building program in Altoona, PA. The result of the program was the 55-ton H31 hopper, which was the first open-top car classified by the PRR as a “hopper” (previous open-top cars were classified as gondolas).

The ongoing World War II influenced the construction materials of the new 55-ton hopper (some variants, called H31B and later H31C, were initially constructed with wood and steel); it also effectively stifled the project. Only about 1,200 H31 hoppers were produced.

By the late 1960s, the remaining fleet of H31 and H31C cars had been made obsolete by new hoppers with larger capacity and rolling bearing trucks, and the cars begin to disappear off the roster. Most of the cars had been scrapped by the time of the Penn Central merger.

Columbus Locomotive Works is proud to present the PRR H31 model for MSTS. This freight car set features:

  • Ultra-detailed models with historically-accurate details and textures
  • Includes six road numbers in loaded and empty versions
  • Includes four LOD layers to provide high detail and maintain system performance
  • Realistic physics and train handling based upon historical data from the individual railroads represented
  • Employs improved texture rendering and compression methods and space-saving file aliasing for sound/cabview

Available Roadnumbers

PRR 220383
PRR 220425
PRR 220529
PRR 220665
PRR 220718
PRR 220830

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