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EMD SD7/SD9 Version 2 Locomotive Sets
In February 1952, the Electro-Motive Division of General Motors introduced the "Special-Duty" locomotive platform with the SD7 locomotive, a 1,500-horsepower six-axle freight locomotive. The upgraded SD9 model with 1,750 horsepower followed in 1954. These utilitarian yet durable freight haulers excelled for freight railroads all over the United States for decades, and many rebuilt examples are still earning their keep on short line railroads today.

Columbus Locomotive Works is proud to present the SD7/SD9 model for MSTS. Each available locomotive features:

  • Ultra-detailed models with historically-accurate details and textures
  • Working classification lights
  • Lighted numberboards
  • Optional dynamic braking effects
  • Pre-programmed AI lighting (allows headlights to work when the locomotive is under computer control)
  • Custom cabview and heads-out view
  • Realistic physics and train handling based upon historical data from the individual railroads represented
  • Employs improved texture rendering and compression methods and space-saving file aliasing for sound/cabview
  • Self-installing archive for easy installation; no need to copy sound or cabview folders.
  • Includes consist files so you can start using the locomotive(s) of your choice immediately.

Available Roadnames

Baltimore & Ohio EMD SD9 772 (classic blue livery)
Baltimore & Ohio EMD SD7 1830 (Chessie System livery)
Baltimore & Ohio EMD SD9 1831 (capitol dome livery)

East Metro Railroad EMD SD7 712
East Metro Railroad EMD SD7 721

Nickel Plate Road EMD SD9 357
Norfolk & Western EMD SD9 2356
Norfolk Southern EMD SD9 55

Pennsylvania Railroad EMD SD9 7607
Pennsylvania Railroad EMD SD9 7618
Penn Central EMD SD9 6904
Penn Central EMD SD9 6915
Conrail EMD SD9 6906
Conrail EMD SD9 6917

Bessemer & Lake Erie EMD SD7 451
Bessemer & Lake Erie EMD SD9 826

Duluth Missabe & Iron Range EMD SD9 101
Duluth Missabe & Iron Range EMD SD9 129

Central of Georgia EMD SD7 201
Central of Georgia EMD SD9 204
Southern Railway EMD SD9 202
Algers Winslow & Western EMD SD9 203

Union Pacific EMD SD7 780
Union Pacific EMD SD7 457

Southern Pacific EMD SD7 5316
Southern Pacific EMD SD9 3822
Southern Pacific EMD SD9 4337
Southern Pacific EMD SD9 4354
Southern Pacific EMD SD9 4423
Southern Pacific EMD SD9 5339

Milwaukee Road EMD SD7 2209
Milwaukee Road EMD SD7 522
Milwaukee Road EMD SD9 537

Denver & Rio Grande Western EMD SD7 5301
Denver & Rio Grande Western EMD SD9 5306
Denver & Rio Grande Western EMD SD9 5314

Great Northern EMD SD7 566
Great Northern EMD SD9 576
Great Northern EMD SD9 587

Available Add-ons

EMD SD7/SD9 Version 2 Night Cab Enhancement

All downloads can be found in the Download Products category of the Support forum. You must be a registered forum user to access the downloads.

Coming Soon

Chicago, Burlington & Quincy
Burlington Northern