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Baldwin RF16 "Sharknose" Locomotive Sets
Between 1950 and 1953, Baldwin Locomotive Works produced 160 1,600-horsepower four-axle carbody locomotives under the designation "RF-16" (Road Freight, 1,600 horsepower). The RF16 was an upgrade of Baldwin's earlier DRS-4-4-1500 model, which was available in both "babyface" and the Raymond Loewy-designed "sharknose" styles. While the Sharks were unable to successfully compete with EMD's F-series, these distinctive locomotives captured the hearts of railfans with their menacing profile.

The RF16 proved to be the final carbody-style locomotive built by Baldwin, but its legacy endures today, due in part to efforts in the 1970s by the Delaware & Hudson railroad, which purchased the two remaining RF16 "A" units, restored them and operating them in freight revenue service until 1978. The two remaining units are now reportedly in private storage.

Columbus Locomotive Works is proud to present the RF16 model for MSTS. Each available locomotive features:

  • Ultra-detailed models with historically-accurate details and textures
  • Working classification lights
  • Lighted numberboards
  • Optional dynamic braking effects
  • Pre-programmed AI lighting (allows headlights to work when the locomotive is under computer control)
  • Custom cabview and heads-out view
  • Realistic physics and train handling based upon historical data from the individual railroads represented
  • Employs improved texture rendering and compression methods and space-saving file aliasing for sound/cabview
  • Self-installing archive for easy installation; no need to copy sound or cabview folders.
  • Includes consist files so you can start using the locomotive(s) of your choice immediately.

Available Roadnames

Baltimore & Ohio Baldwin RF16A 857
Baltimore & Ohio Baldwin RF16B
Delaware & Hudson Baldwin RF16A 1216
New York Central Baldwin RF16A 3811
New York Central Baldwin RF16B 3704
New York Central Baldwin RF16A 3812
New York Central Baldwin RF16B 3705
Pennsylvania Railroad Baldwin RF16A 3711
Pennsylvania Railroad Baldwin RF16B

Available Add-ons

Baldwin RF16 Night Cab Enhancement

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